MFA -Days , walking through the vegetable market at Mysore .Saw a guy empty a bag of chilies in to a basket . I couldn’t resist the animator and photographer combo kick in . Added two tomatoes from the next vendor and a flower – voila ~! Mr.Veggie !! 🙂

Eagles out on the paddy

A few days back, behind my parents home.I saw these birds swooping down into the paddy field, catching something, might be frogs or fish, it was hard to make out. They were pretty far off and my 200mm reach wasn’t enough-but made the most of it.

Eagle on Paddy _F-18

Eagle on Paddy _F-22

Eagle on Paddy _F-39

Eagle on Paddy _F-40

Eagle on Paddy _F-32



Tales of Iridescent Blues

There he was, standing in all plume and glory! This fine feathered friend was photographed during a 3D mapping project in the forest region of Agali , Kerala. It would have been a rare sight  to see one on the road , what was even more rare was how friendly he was . Apparently he had gotten used people feeding him from nearby houses.

B001 (1)B001 (2)B001 (4)B001 (6)B001 (7)B001 (12)B001 (14)


On a call ?

A044 (1)

” ah hello ? … ”

From far I thought she was on a call, then realised that she was deep in thoughts, my friend remarked “why or how would “SHE!!” posses a cell phone?

I thought why not ?? Why wouldn’t she have one, just like the rest of us, she’ll have her contacts, loved ones, friends to call ??

Why are we so quick to judge people from appearance or where they are from ?

——-Life on the street series : A photo walk at kaniyakunari beach – MFA days .