Evening at Perumatura

Evening with Benet at Perumatura

Perumathura is sorrounded by the Kadinamkulam Kayal in the east, The Arabian Sea in the west, The ‘Muthala Pozhi’ in the north and by ‘Puthencurichy’ in the west. Perumathura forms part of the Chirayinkil and Azhoor panchayats of Trivandrum district.

The history of Perumathura dates back from the period of the Legendary King Cheraman Perumal who ruled South India during the 8th century A.D. The name Perumathura (meaning residence of Perumal) was derived from the Late Kings name. It is beleived that Cheraman Peruamal converted to Islam during his stay at Perumathura. The mainland Perumathura and it’s sorrounding islands – Kottaramthuruthu, Cheramanthuruthu and Madanvila are all related in one way or another to Cheraman Perumal.