Valiathura is a suburb of Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala, India. This was once the only port along the South Kerala coast. When Kochi became the prominent port in Kerala, Valiyathura lost its significance as a major port. Now Valiathura is considered as a fishing port.

Valiyathura was known as Raithura or Rajathura from the time of Travancore Kingdom. but the history goes beyond; from the time of King Solomon Valiyathura port was active and used to export spices and articles. the Saint Antony’s Cathedral has the history of more than 500 years and the New Year day celebration started more than 120 years. At the battle between Marthanda Varma and Ettuveetil Pillai, one of the pillai and his soldiers were protected by the fisher people of Valiyathura and some of those people married a few Valiyathura girls and settled in Valiyathura.